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Fish in Dish

Author:Li Tiefu


Category:Oil painting


Year of Collection:2000

Author's Profile
Li Tiefu

Li Tiefu (1869-1952), formerly known as Li Yutian, was from Heshan, Guangdong. In 1887, he went to the United States and Arlington Art School, England to learn painting. In 1905, he studied at New York Academy of Art and learned painting from famous painters Willian Merritt Chase and John Singer Sargent. In 1916, he was admitted to the American Academy of Painting. After that, he worked for the U.S. Institute of Art Design. During his stay abroad, he followed Sun Yat-sen to participate in activities organized by the participation in the activities organized by China Revival Society and the branch of United League of China; in 1909, he founded the New York Branch of the United League of China and served as the executive secretary. In 1930, he moved to Hongkong. In 1950, he returned to Guangzhou and served as professor of South China University of Arts; by then, he was elected vice chairman of South China Federation of Writers and Artists. He was good at oil painting, watercolor painting, Chinese painting and sculpture. His publications include the Collection of Li Tiefu.