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Democracy March

Author:Li Hua




Year of Collection:2000

Author's Profile
Li Hua

Li Hua (1907-1994) was formerly known as Li Junying and also known as Langsha and Xiaoquan. He was from Panyu, Guangdong. He was graduated from Guangzhou College of Fine Arts in 1926, studied in Japan in 1930, and returned to his alma mater to teach in 1932. In 1934, he organized the modern printmaking society in Guangzhou, served as editor-in-chief of the Modern Printmaking, an irregular printmaking pictorial, and engaged in new printmaking movement, with the support and encouragement of Mr. Lu Xun. In 1938, he served as a director of the All-China Woodcut Anti-Japanese Association. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, he chaired the All-China Woodcut Association in Shanghai and was elected as its chairman. He was responsible for organizing the woodcut exhibition for the 8-year anti-Japanese war and editing and publishing the Selection of Woodcut Works for Anti-Japanese War. In 1947, he was engaged as an associate professor at the National Peking Academy of Fine Arts. In July 1949, he was elected as an executive member of the First National Association of Artists. Since 1950, he had successively served as professor and director of Department of Printmaking of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Member of China Federation of Writers and Artists, consultant of China Artists Association, and chairman of the China Association of Printmakers. In 1988, he was awarded of the gold medal of China's New Printmaking Movement issued by the Janpan-China Art Exchange Center of Japan. He was good at printmaking.