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Author:Huang Xinbo




Year of Collection:1997

Author's Profile
Huang Xinbo

Huang Xinbo (1915-1980), formerly known as Huang Yuxiang and also known as Yigong, was from Taishan, Guangdong. In 1933, he went to Shanghai to join the China Left-Wing Writers Union and China Left-Wing Artists Union, organized the Weiming Woodcut Society with Liu Xian, and engaged in the new woodcut movement under the guidance of Lu Xun. In 1936, he originated the establishment of Shanghai Woodcutters Association, involved in staging the second National Woodcut Circuit Exhibition, and published Guidepost, his first collections of woodcut works. In 1938, he joined the All-China Woodcut Anti-Japanese Association and was elected as its director; in 1939, he moved to Guilin and became one of the moderators of the Association. He moved to Kunming in 1945 and Hong Kong in 1949; in Hong Kong, he served as a journalist of the China Business Daily and originated the Renjian Art Association. In 1949, he went back to his hometown to join the Dongxiang Guerrilla and stationed in Guangzhou with the army. Since 1950, he has successively held the posts of director of Guangdong Fine Arts Studio, chairman of Guangdong Branch of Chinese Artists Association, vice chairman of Guangdong Literary Federation and principal of Guangdong Art Institute. Member of the Fourth National Committee of the China Federation of Writers and Artists, director of the First and Second China Artists Association, and vice chairman of the Third Council.