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No Crowing

Author:Liao Bingxiong




Year of Collection:1997

Author's Profile
Liao Bingxiong

Liao Bingxiong (1915.10-2006), formerly known as the Liao Dongsheng, was from Xiangzhou, Guangxi and born in Guangzhou. He started to publish comics in newspapers and magazines in 1932 and was graduated from Guangzhou Normal School in 1935. He acted as a teacher at a primary school and an art editor for newspapers and magazines. He joined the comics publicity team in Wuhan in 1938; after that, he came to southern Anhui to launch anti-Japanese publicity. In 1939, he acted as a poster teacher at Guangxi Local Cadres School and concurrently acted as an editor of Comics and Woodcutting, a monthly magazine. He created and published the Series Pictures of Destined Victory of the War of Anti-Japanese Aggression. In 1945, he started to create the Spring and Autumn of the Cat Kingdom, a series comics, which was debuted in Chongqing next year. In 1947, he joined the Renjian Arts Association in Hong Kong; in 1949, he attended the First National Congress of Writers and Artists in Beijing and was selected as a member of the China Artists Association. In 1951, he served as director of the Editorial and Publishing Department of Guangzhou Federation of Literary and Arts and concurrently acted as the editor-in-chief of Guangzhou Workers' Literacy and Arts. In 1956, he was elected as vice chairman of the Guangdong Branch of the China Artists Association. Since the Fourth National Congress of Writers and Artists held in 1979, he served as a director of the China Artists Association and vice chairman of its Guangdong Branch for several terms. He was good at comics. He published several personal collections, including the Selected Collections of Bingxiong's Comics from 1932 to 1982.