The 6th Guangzhou Triennial 2018 Exhibition Participating Artists

Entry Time: 2018-12-05

The 6th Guangzhou Triennial 2018 Exhibition Participating Artists

As We May Think: Feedforward
The 6th Guangzhou Triennial 2018
Guangdong Museum of Art
Dec 21,2018 – March 10, 2019

Chief director: WANG Shaoqiang

Theme Exhibition
Curators: Angelique Spaninks, ZHANG Ga, Philipp Ziegler

Triennial Archive Exhibition
Curator: WANG Shaoqiang

Theme Exhibition Artists List:
Thomas Bayrle(Germany)                                                        
Zach Blas & Jemima Wyman(USA / Australia)
Melanie Bonajo (Netherlands)
Tega Brain(Australia)
Emma Charles (UK)
邓悦君Deng Yuejun(China)
Simon Denny (New Zealand)
Anna Dumitriu (UK)
Gilberto Esparza (Mexico)
Harun Farocki (Germany)
冯晨Feng Chen(China)
Thomas Feuerstein (Austria)
Dorian Gaudin (France / USA)
关小Guan Xiao (China)
Heather Dewey-Hagborg (USA)
Femke Herregraven(Netherlands)
Arne Hendriks (Netherlands)
Pierre Huyghe(France)
Charlotte Jarvis (UK)
Arvid Jense & Marie Caye(Netherlands / France)
蒋竹韵Jiang Zhuyun(China)
Delia Jürgens (Germany)
Floris Kaayk (Netherlands)
Jon Kessler(USA)
Oliver Laric (Austria)
Lynn Hershman-Leeson (USA)
Lawrence Lek(UK)
刘佳玉Liu Jiayu(China)
林科Lin Ke(China)
Bernd Lintermann & Peter Weibel(Germany / Ukraine)
刘娃Liu Wa(China)
陆平原Lu Pingy                    uan(China)
Bernie Lubell(USA)
MacGuffin (Netherlands)
Simone C. Niquille(Netherlands / Switzerland)
David OReilly (Ireland)
Tabita Rezaire(France)
Tomás Saraceno (Argentina / Italy)
Fito Segrera (Columbia)
沈瑞筠Shen Ruijun(China)
Ief Spincemaille(Belgium)
Unknown Fields(UK / Australia)
Addie Wagenknecht (USA)
王楠Wang Nan(China)
Herwig Weiser(Austria)
王郁洋Wang Yuyang(China)
杨健Yang Jian(China)
郑先喻 & 张硕尹 HsienYu Cheng & Ting Tong Chang(Taiwan, China)
张永基 Zhang Yongji (China)

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