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Hong Lei

Ink Mountain


Ink Mountain from Hong Lei

Ink is an essential material for Chinese painting. Three years ago I went to the Wei Ink Factory in Tunxi, Anhui province and built a small mountain-shape sculpture in ink. The prototype is the mountains that are painted in The View of Wanhesongfeng Palace. I want to put this sculpture inside a small, bright and white room. The ¡°mountain¡± will be hung in the air and smog will come out at the bottom. Such an idea is inspired by a poem written by Wang Wei of the Tang: ¡°sit and see the change of clouds/environment¡±.

I believe that such a state reflects the meditation of Zen. Therefore a long narrow lane is needed to clam the mind of viewers. The mountains and clouds could only be read with a clam mind, and to taste the void and purity.   


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