The Triennial exhibition opens from 6th September to 16th November 2008 at the Guangdong Museum of Art and its satellite museum, Time Museum, both in Guangzhou. The 181 artists taking part in the exhibition comes from over 40 countries.

The Triennial Exhibition is structured into 4 sections:
    1. Projects in Progress:  Scrutinised in the 5th Station of the Forums in Motion, these 17 projects form our “interlocutor partners” in the sense that they are seen to explore and/or extend the initial topic of this Triennial from artistic angles. Each Project reflects a different engagement with the socio-political world. The artist acts as artistic creator while taking part as researcher and activist of some sort. Projects in Progress are open to development and thus remain “unfinished”. They form a platform of analysis, and prompt discussions of: what is the role of investigation and research in the context of creative art? How does an artist make use of, and ‘digest’, raw reality?

Chen Chieh-jen (Taiwan, China)
Amy Cheung (Hong Kong, China)
Cláudia Cristóvão (Angola/Portugal/ the Netherlands)
Feng Mengbo (China)
Christian Jankowski (Germany)
Liu Dahong (China)
Long March Project: Lu Jie (China/USA), Xiao Xiong (China), Zhao Gang (China/USA)
Daniel Malone (New Zealand)
Carlos Garaicoa Manso(Cuba)
    Trinh T. Minh-ha (Vietnam/USA)
Bundith Phunsombatlert (Thailand)
Qiu Zhijie & Total Art Studio (China)
Yang Fudong (China)
Ye Wei-li & Wu Yu-hsin (Taiwan, China)
Zheng Bo (Hong Kong, China)
Zheng Guogu (China)

    2. Thinking Room: These 18 projects can, hopefully, help us to unpack/decode secrets of the creative process; they display the battery of thinking tools used by these artists, and provide witness accounts of the site of creation. They illustrate methods of thinking and explore contemporary art as a mode of knowledge production, while prompting reflections on the significance of the knowledge generated by art.

Zarina Bhimji (UK)
Ecke Bonk (Germany)
Chen Tong (China) & Jean-Philippe Toussaint(France)
Emily Cheng (USA)
Thembinkosi Goniwe (South Africa)
Hu Xiangcheng & Luo Ping (China)
Huang Yongping (China/France)
Matts Leiderstam (Sweden)
Liu Wei (China)
Tozer Pak (Hong Kong, China)
Qiu Anxiong (China)
Qiu Shiming (China)
Tank TV (UK)
Inga Svala Thorsdottir (Iceland)
Wang Jianwei (China)
Wu Shanzhuan (China)
Zhang Hui (China)
Zhu Yu (China)

    3. Free Radicals: These 54 individual artists range from video, installation, painting, writing and performance. They display the Post-colonial context of the art scene today; taken together, their artworks/projects arrive at an artistic terrain that goes beyond the reach of Post-colonial and Multi-cultural discourses, and open up special realities delineated by artistic practices.

Hamra Abbas (Pakistan)
Georges Adéagbo(Benin)
Maria Thereza Alves (Brazil/USA)
Conrad Botes (South Africa)
Matthew Buckingham (USA)
Lyn Carter (Canada)
Cheng Ran (China)
Maria Magdalena Compos-Pons&Neil Leonard (Cuba/USA)
Joseph DeLappe (USA)
Allan deSouza (Kenya/USA) & Yong Soon Min (Korea/USA)
Dilomprizulike (Nigeria)
Maria Eichhorn (Germany)
Mary Evans (Nigeria/UK)
Archana Hande (India)
Sharon Hayes (USA)
Kiluanji Kia Henda(Angola )
Michelle Heon (Canada)
Nicholas Hlobo (South Africa)
Huang Xiaopeng (China/UK)
Jia Aili (China)
Jitish Kallat (India)
John Kelly(Ireland)
Tomoko Konoike (Japan)
Kesang Lamdark (Switzerland/ China)
Simon Leung (USA/Hong Kong, China)
Lin + Lam (USA/Canada)
Hew Locke (UK)
Liu Heung Shing (Hong Kong, China) 
Felipe Mujica (Chile/USA)
Huma Mulji (Pakistan)
Vik Muniz (USA/Brazil)
Mario Navarro (Chile)
Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (Japan/Vietnam)
Dalkh-Ochir (Mongolia)
Uriel Orlow (UK/Switzerland)
Steve Ouditt (Trinidad)
Amilcar Packer(Brazil)
Jenny Perlin (USA)
Khaled Ramadan& Larissa Sansour (Lebanon)
Hans Hamid Rasmussen (Norway)
Neo Rauch (Germany)
Shao Yinong&Mu Chen (China)
Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski (Australia)
Kai Syng Tan (Singapore)
Althea Thauberger (Canada)
Barthélémy Toguo (Cameron/France)
Gabriel Acevedo Velarde (Lima)
Wang Jiahao (China)
Wu Junyong (China)
Xu Zhen (China) 
Yang Jiecang (Germany/China)
Ye Fang (China)
Zheng Duanxiang (China)
Yi Zhou (Italy/Hong Kong, China)

    4. Independent Projects: These are mostly projects created by the GZ Triennial’s international team of Research Curators; they represent interpretations of the Triennial theme from various angles, and form entry points into the complex realities created or obscured by Post-colonial  discourse. They include:
 1. ‘Middle East Channel’, curated by Khaled Ramadan.
Dalia Al-Kury (Jordan)
Yasmina Ben Ari (Egypt)
Mireille AstorE (Libanon)
Reem Bader (Jordan)
Kaya Behkalam (Iran)
Alia El Bialy (Egypt)
Hisham Bizri (Libanon)
Shahram Entekhabi (Iran)
Lamia Joreige (Libanon)
Khaled Kafez (Egypt)
Gülsün Karamustafa (Turkey)
Nadine Khan (Egypt)
Shula Lipski (Libanon)
Waheeda Malullah (Bahrain)
WaëL Noureddine (Libanon)
Ahmet Ogut (Turkey)
Ayman Ramadana (Egypt)
Hamed Sahihi (Iran)
Larissa Sansour ( Palestine / USA)
Silke Schmickl (Germany)
Rania Stephan (Libanon) 
Wooloo Productions (Denmark)
Nanna Guldhammer Wraae (Denmark)
Akram Zaatari (Libanon)

2. ‘East-South: Out of Sight’, curated by Sopawan Boonnimitra.
Amir Muhammad (Malaysia)
Riri Riza (Indonesia)
Matyn See (Singapore)
Tsai Ming Liang (Malaysia/Taiwan, China)
Apichartpong Weerasethkul (Thailand)

3. ‘Now in Coming’, curated by Guo Xiaoyan and Cui Qiao.
Marc Behrens (Germany)
Jens Brand (Germany)
Duan Jianyu (China)
Gao Shiqiang (China)
Liu Xiaodong (China)
Qin Qi (China)
Wang Yin (China)
Werner Herzog (Germany)
Poet Group (Xiao Kaiyu &Jiang Tao & Ma Yan, China)
Sound Unit(Zhang Anding &Zhong Minjie &Lin Zhiying, China)

4. ‘Tea Pavilion’, curated by Dorothee Albrecht.
Jaishri Abichandani (India/ USA)
Dorothee Albrecht (Germany)
Corazon Amaya-Canete (Philippines) and Moira Zoitl (Austria)
 Sopawan Boonnimitra (Thailand)
Daniela Comani (Italy)
Different Voices (Nepal/Denmark/Sweden)
Dreams of Art Spaces Collected (Transnational artistic group project)
Stina Edblom (Sweden)
Thomas Locher (Germany)
Elke Marhoefer (Germany)
Giancarlo Pazzanese (Chile)
Oda Projesi (Turkey)
Reynold Reynolds (USA)
Asa Sonjasdotter (Sweden)
Mayling To (UK)
UNWETTER (Transnational artistic group project)
Lee Kit (Hong Kong, China)&Vitamin Creative Space (China)
Pablo Wendel (Germany)

5. ‘Mornings in Mexicos’, curated by Steven Lam and Tamar Guimaraes.
Kristina Ask (Denmark)
Daniel Andersson (Finland) 
Avi Alpert (USA)         
Eric Anglès (France/USA)
Ricardo Cuevas (Mexico)
Asa Elzen (Sweden)
Tamar Guimaraes (USA/Danmark/Brazil)
Carla Herrerra-Prats (USA/Mexico)
Jesal Kapadia (USA/India) 
Jeuno Kim (Korea/Sweden)
Runo Lagomarsino (Sweden/Argentina)
Steven Lam (USA)
Erin Ming Lee (USA)
Sarah Lookofsky (Denmark/USA)
Kasper Akhøj (Denmark)
Sreshta Rit Premnath (USA/India) 
Rebecka Thor (Sweden)
Edward Schexnayder (USA)

6. ‘Mapping Currents for the 3rd Guangzhou Triennial’,
    Stina Edblom
 Asia Art Archive.
 7. ‘Organising Mutation’, curated by Leung Chi-wo and Tobias Berger.
Tobias Berger (Germany/Hong Kong, China)
Ade Darmawan (Malaysia)
Michael Lee Hong-Hwee (Hong Kong, China/Singapore)
Lee Kit (Hong Kong, China)
Lee Weng Choy (Singapore)
Leung Chi Wo (Hong Kong, China)
Roger McDonald (Japan)
Arin Rungjang (Thailand)
Masahiro Wada (Japan)
Doris Wong Wai Yin (Hong Kong, China)
Haegue Yang (Germany/Korea)