Back to Asia• Exhibition of Curatorial Projects in Asia and Euro-America

Venue:B1 and Library,Guangdong Museum of Art
Advisors:Bureau for External Cultural Relations and Department of Arts
Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China Department of Culture of Guangdong Province

Supporters:Academic Committee of National Art Museums, Fine Arts Magazine

Organizers:The National Art Museum of China
The Guandong Museum of Art

We will hold Back to Asia• Exhibition of Curatorial Projects in Asia and Euro-America by making use of the international perspective and curators’ abundant resources of Asian Art Curators’ Forum. This Exhibition is an organic component of the Forum, where abstracts of exhibitions on Asian issues curated by participants in recent years will be taken to Guangdong Museum of Art and to be displayed by means of documents: relevant proposals, scripts, on-spot records and correspondence with artists. It aims to summarize experience in this regard by presenting curatorial ideas, literature and operational modes to the audience. 

This Exhibition presents not only curatorial projects of Asian curators or art institutes, but also typical projects related to Asian Awareness and Experience done by European and American curators and institutes. With the collection, reproduction and presentation of the literature generated from these exhibitions, the philosophy and creativity of each project in the context of “Asia” can be showcased, from which global audience can gain insights into the landscape of Asian art.

In terms of structure of language, unique cultural logic can be found in each Asian country. This Exhibition on curatorial projects suggests that curators vary in their understandings and constructions of Asian art and its history due to their different cultural and academic backgrounds. In terms of art image, it has approached Asia not only from the Asian perspective, but also from European and American perspectives to present different art experience from the angles of both the East and the West.

Collection and reorganization of relevant materials are the foundation of and key to a successful exhibition. Therefore, when designing the literature, apart from regular exhibition abstracts and information, the curators have tried their best to collect the working plans/exhibition journals, exhibition sketches/floorplans/3D drawings, invitation letters/posters/leaflets, catalogues/guidebooks/literature collections and other publications, public education programmers, press release, clippings, exhibition videos, exhibition evaluation reports, installations and exhibition shots, visitors’ books and other documents to restore the working site and procedures for a vivid presentation of the exhibitions, so that audience can gain insights into the way they work and attitude behind each project. As a result, the focus on literature, diversity, clear clues, incisive dialogues and dynamic contemporaneity that the curators have been striving for and the contemporary features of the Exhibition will enrich this Forum, enabling the audience to have a comprehensive understanding of the status quo of Asian art and curation. 

We wish to leverage this Exhibition and the Forum held in Guangzhou to reflect Asian artistic and academic image. Exchanges in the event will maximize resources sharing. New approaches will be explored to optimize Asian curation by the force of Asian self-awareness and the views outside Asia.


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