Dispersed Light and Shadow: Exhibition of Xu Yongcheng’s Oil Painting Works

Entry Time: 2019-07-18

Time: July 26 to August 18, 2019

Venue: Hall 7, Guangdong Museum of Art

In today’s world where drastic changes in the contemporary art circle are taking place every day, Guangdong Museum of Art has been dedicated to studying the young new artists, as they are the most energetic forces on the move and reflecting the diversity of contemporary art.

In the series of Empty House, for which Xu Yongcheng is known to the public, a vague view of someone’s back frequently appeared in dim light, surrounded by widespread dark color. The contrast of light and shadow separates the picture into two worlds, where the “shadow” squeezes the “light”, making the view of the back look even more lonely and giving out a sense of isolated and helpless melancholy. In Dispersed Light and Shadow: Exhibition of Xu Yongcheng’s Oil Painting Works, Guangdong Museum of Art will display over 20 pieces of Xu’s oil paintings. As urban life in today’s world gets even more hustling, the sense of distance between people is becoming more apparent. Perhaps the lonely and helpless emotion represented in Xu Yongcheng’s paintings could arouse the imagination and resonance of his audience.

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Exhibition works
1 空房 许永城 80x120cm 布面油画 2012 .JPG
Exhibition works
2 白墙灰瓦 许永城 160x120cm 布面油画 2015.jpg
Exhibition works
3 大年初一 许永城 200x160cm 布面油画 2015 .JPG
Exhibition works
4 邂逅左岸 许永城 80x120cm布面油画 2012 .jpg
Exhibition works
5 阁楼 许永城 160x180cm 布面油画 2014 .jpg
Exhibition works
6 无声的夜 许永城 90x120cm 布面油画 2014.JPG