Annual Art Exhibition of Guangdong Art Institute in 2017

Entry Time: 2017-10-31

Exhibition Period: October 31 - November 10, 2017
Halls: Halls 1, 2, 3, and 4
Hosted by: Guangdong Art Institute and Guangdong Museum of Art
Exhibition Artists:
Xu Qinsong, Lin Yongkang, Feng Shaoxie, Li Dongwei, Huang Guowu, Sun Hongmin, Huang Weili
Xuan Xinming, Zhou Zhengliang, Li Jieping, Cui Yue, Chen Yingxin, Yan Suping, Du Ning, Wang Shaohao
Feng Wei, Bao Zewei, Xu Yongcheng, Guan Jian, Chen Yifeng, Zhang Jun, Chen Xiangbing
Zhang Tingbo, Zhang Xiangjun, Shen Mo, Li Mingjuan, Chen Jinqin, Zhou Zuojun, Lin Juan, Zheng Feng
Luo Yuegang, Lin Miao, Gu Yiming, Yuan Cibin, Huang Zesen, Zeng Chunping, Peng Mingli
Fang Zhuangrong, Feng Kejing, Xu Weidong, Xu Weibo, Xu Jiena, Chen Shuixing
Li Changxing, Chen Wenyuan, Chen Shijun, Zhang Zhihua, Zhang Shaoji, Xiao Sa, Chen Jin
Li Xing, He Weiming, Luo Xiaoyan, Lin Zhibin, Guo Chukai, Kang Ming
Liang Zhenjie, Xie Yingyun, Wen Guohuai, Cai Jialin, Cai Huanbin
The "Annual Art Exhibition" is an important innovation in the series of academic activities held by the Guangdong Art Institute in the new period. Since 2005, the annual art exhibition has never stopped. By presenting the annual new work of the three academic teams, including working painters, contracted painters and young painters at the Youth Art Institute, its aim is to encourage them to constantly improve and perfect their art techniques and language and enlighten them by the art history of each painter.
Looking back at works exhibited these years, we can clearly see such a path rule. The academic wisdom rooted in rich knowledge and the innovation courage of self-denial and relentless pursuit is the reason why Guangdong Art Institute has become the academic benchmark. Even if using instinct and matured language to present, painters made every effort to transform the presentation of their times and increase new perceptions of their time.
For a long time, Guangdong Art Institute requires painters to create in terms of art, life, and social responsibilities by centering on its purpose of developing the institute with academy and strengthening the institute with talents. On the one hand, painters constantly boost the prosperity and development of creation practice and theoretic research according to their actualities based on professional academy; on the other hand, they undertake more social responsibilities, play an important role, and represent "truth, virtue, and beauty". With the roll-out of provincial poverty alleviation in recent years, Guangdong Art Institute has taken the series campaigns of "going to the grassroot and rooting in the public" as the priority of daily creation and task during the period and formed a good academic environment and attained good results. The new look presented by this exhibition is the results of painters after pragmatically implementing the series measures of "benefiting people with culture and art" and "going to the grassroot and rooting in the public".
Works exhibited this time are from 62 artists, including Xu Qinsong, Lin Yongkang, Feng Shaoxie, Li Dongwei, Huang Guowu, Sun Hongmin, Huang Weili, Xuan Xinming, and Zhou Zhengliang.

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Group Visit: Please make reservation by telephone two days in advance for any group with more than 10 people and visit the Museum at the agreed time by producing the confirmation message.


Exhibition works
Mountains and Rivers, 135cm x 69cm, Chinese Painting, Xu Qinsong
Exhibition works
Tides of the Pearl River -- Xu Zhongxun and Construction of the Special Administrative Zone, 265 x 250cm, Oil Painting, Lin Yongkang
Exhibition works
Across the Storm, 100cm x 150cm, Oil Painting, Feng Shaoxie
Exhibition works
Series I of "Sea - Island", 185cm x 145cm, Chinese Painting, Li Dongwei
Exhibition works
Series VII of Clouds and Moon, 200cm x 250cm, Chinese Painting, Huang Guowu
Exhibition works